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Antibody characterization and more

Biologics is a very important therapeutic modality, but it is also very complicated to develop, characterize and produce. Through EpiQMAx’s Biologics+ services, we help you address some of the key issues along the way, such as the confirmation of molecular identity, clone selection through titer and stability, developability assessment, comparison of formulations and QC. Mass spectrometry based multi-attribute method (MAM) is able to quantitatively monitor many product quality attributes simultaneously, including glycosylation, oxidation, deamidation, clipping, glycation and more. EpiQMAx Biologics+ can also determine your drug to antibody ratio (DAR) for ADCs and other labelled proteins.

EpiQMAx - antibody characterization

Do you work in the small molecule area?
EpiQMAx can also support you in lead discovery and DMPK projects. With fast and sensitive LC-MS methods, we can validate your drug formulations and evaluate for impurities and their quantities.

We can quantify your analytes and degradation products after administration; in complex matrices such as plasma, urine and other biofluids.


Biologics+ provides you with a complete and quick service; from sample preparation to reporting of results. We provide you with easy-to-understand reports and tailored presentations that provide you knowledgeable insights for better decision making.

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